"This has the smell of Azusa…"-Paul Cain, father to the prophetic and healing movements of the 21st century

"Santa Barbara is crucial for California and California is crucial for the world…"-Lou Engle, spiritual father to the Prayer Movement and founder of The Call speaking to Jacob Reeve and a room full of HOP leaders just weeks before SBHOP began.

"We believe there are two or three people in this room that are destined to bring transformation on a global scale…"-Kris Vallotton, prophet & leader at Bethel Church in Redding, sharing about why they accepted an invitation to come to SB.

"I give you permission to operate within the city, to use your natural and spiritual gifts to bring restoration to the broken hearted, healing to the sick, and deliverance to those imprisoned. May the city propser because of your prayer, worship, and service to those in need. I hereby release you for service to the city of Santa Barbara and its citizens."-Helene Schneider, Mayor of SB


In the summer of 2011, God established the Santa Barbara House of Prayer  through the vision of Jacob and Kimberly Reeve with the colaboration of many  dear friends. The mission was to create a place in the heart of Santa Barbara  where people could encounter God 7 days a week through prayer, worship, and the operation of the Holy Spirit. Since then, God has quickly established  us as a spiritual epicenter of God’s presence in Downtown Santa Barbara. Even more glorious, He has made us as a family of faith, deeply united in  genuine love for each other.  

SBHOP functions as a synagogue, not only hosting daily prayer and worship, but also hosting transformative classes and ministries that cover a variety of  subjects. Our doors are open most of the week to the thousands of people who come to downtown Santa Barbara. With our well equiped interns, students, and staff there is rarely a week that goes by where we don't see people saved, delivered, healed, and/or baptized in the Holy Spirit. 

SBHOP serves as home to the School of Jesus and 100 Revelations and regularly has the honor of hosting international and local leaders. The leaders of SBHOP are implementing their vision not only to impact Santa Barbara, but to fuel and  furnish a new era of church growth and identity through renaissance and  reformation on a global scale. 


* Establish a place to encounter God, open 7 days a week in the heart of 
downtown Santa Barbara
* Fuel local and global Reformation through training and sending anointed 
sons & daughters to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom in the power of God’s 
Supernatural Love. 
* Inspire creativity and furnish a framework for renaissance demonstrated 
through powerful art, music and media. 
* Further Citywide unity and health by offering Church leaders, business 
leaders and government officials a neutral ground for citywide com-
munication, transformation and strategy.