Our Healing Ministry
   Healing is in the Heart of God and He Heals Today. If you need physical healing, inner healing, or deliverance from spiritual oppression, check into one of these three areas of healing and set up an appointment.


The Healing Ministry at Santa Barbara House of Prayer is devoted to ministering breakthrough to those in need of Gods healing. With compassion and faith, healing is ministered to those with physical, mental, and emotional burdens. Santa Barbara House of Prayer fully believes in the Healing Power of Jesus Christ and that it is a gift given to all His Church.


The community has witnessed many healings in the areas of depression, drug addictions, physical pains, sickness, and unclean spirits all in the Name of Jesus Christ.


"Jesus was going all over Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people." Matthew 4:23

Inner Healing
God's desire is for us to be free and whole in every way, because He loves us and wants us to experience all that Jesus accomplished and paid for, on the cross. 
The anointing of Jesus heals our hearts and sets us free from every form of bondage and captivity so that we can live as over comers and powerful ambassadors of His Kingdom.
Physical Healing
What is Physical Healing?
Physical Healing meets the needs of anyone suffering from any sort of sickness, desease, or pain in body (limbs, respitory system, back, broken bones, ect.)
If you need healing in areas of these sorts, set up an appointment.
Deliverance is for those suffering from spiritual bondage, oppression or addictions.
If you experience from addiction to drugs, alchohol, spiritual/demonic oppresion, night terrors, or mental afflictions, please contact us and we would love to pray for you.
Freedom in Christ is available.

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