We love Jesus' prayer in John 17 to the Father - that those who believe in Him will be ONE. Together, we are the Body of Christ on earth. If this Body is divided, how can we function to see Kingdom transformation in our city? In John 17 Jesus tells us the reason He prays for unity is so the world may believe that God sent Jesus. Imagine everyone in Santa Barbara believing in Jesus simply because the Church of Santa Barbara functions as one! 


SBHOP is committed to seeing Jesus' prayer answered! We are investing time and resources to build communications and relationships between church leaders. We want to reveal each church family's role and passion for demonstrating God's love and the way they celebrate Jesus.


If church unity stirs your heart, please contact Rob Dayton (robdayton@sbhop.org) to learn more about how you can play a role in bringing unity to the Church of Santa Barbara. You can also join like minded people to pray for pastors and their church families every Thursday at noon.

What church we are praying for this week....

Let's Intercede for the Church of Santa Barbara!


Come Thursday at noon or pray on your own, but let's bless provision over our beloved church leaders. We pray for two different churches and their pastors every week. This week, we pray for:

Santa Barbara House of Prayer

Directors and Leaders

Summerland Presbyterian Church

Pastor Bart Tarman

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