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Hospitality Team

        Sheparding a prayer movement requires intentionality.  Unforetunately, many Christians do not have a high value for prayer or know how to pray for longer periods of time.  The Hospitality Team "sets the table" for people to feel invited, supported, and encouraged to pray. This happens through scheduling prayer sets, sending reminders, preparing the prayer space, following up to encourage, and harvesting testimonies.  This team also manages Friday Encounter Nights, maintains the Prayer House, set up and breakdown of events, and handles routine maintenance.  



Prayer House Host

Maintain prayer schedule, contact/remind/host prayer set participants, follow-up/encourage post prayer set.


Event Planning

Create inspiring events for community outreach and renewal. 


Space Management

Support SBHOP by maintaining the cleanliness of the facility, managing and ordering supplies, and making sure that SBHOP is able to run functionally 


Sound Assistant & Worship Support

Opperate the sound equiptment, worship slides, and support our worship leaders with set up and break down 


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