Media Team

Powerful transformative stories are told through media.  This team will be responsible for the Church of Santa Barbara and SBHOP websites.  Explore, interview, and highlight a specific church family every month through a newletter video -- telling the testimony of Jesus in each community.   The Media Team will also record street ministry and SBHOP testmonies to encourage and build the momentum of the prayer movement.  Bring stories to life though translating testimonies, capturing events with powerful photography and inspiring film. 

Networking & Contributing writings and articles

  • Gather testimonies and share the life changing stories through the film/website.

  • Use creative expression to communicate powerfully the love of God to the people of Santa Barbara


SBHOP Website Management 

  • Keep the website fresh and alive as you manage the different stories and communicate the different events 


Creative Film

  • Develop Promo Videos

  • Experiment with the film world by creating various film projects related to revival in Santa Barbara 


Church of Santa Barbara Website

  • Monthly on-line video magazine highlighting church families

  • Regional church newtworking

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