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Santa Barbara Prayer Walk

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We believe now is the time for prayer throughout the streets of Santa Barbara!  Beginning August 28th, Santa Barbara House of Prayer is calling the Church of Santa Barbara to pray in the streets throughout the city!  What does this look like?  We are asking that you set aside one hour a week of focused prayer as you walk in your neighborhood or Downtown.  Please go in two’s if you’re walking after dark.

Your focus?  Listen to what Holy Spirit is saying as you walk and pray what you hear.  If you hear nothing - bless the people in every building you pass.  Impart HOPE with your prayers.  Impart encouragement.  This is a time of tipping point for our city and our nation.  Faith, hope, and love will make the difference.  Let’s be the light calling in the darkness that ushers in these things.  Put on the joy of the Lord and be encouraged.  Spring is coming for our city and nation.  May we spur it on and encourage this city through our intercession. 

Please let us know if you’re “in” by emailing us at and let us know what day you will be walking.  For those who would like to cover Downtown Santa Barbara with us, we will be meeting in the plaza outside the door of the House of Prayer on Friday nights at 7:00pm for a short word of encouragement - then we will go out into the streets separately for an hour prayer walk.  Please bring your mask.  


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