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This Feels Contagious

I feel so blessed that everyone has the opportunity to go to the House of Prayer where they can encounter the Lord.

About a month ago, we invited Charlie and 24 other students from San Francisco City Impact to retreat at our house from the ministry school there. We had gone downtown for dinner and had not really planned to go in, but when we entered the House of Prayer they were in the midst of worship. We were drawn in. It's hard to describe what the atmosphere was like, but we could feel the presence of the Lord. My husband kept saying, "This feels contagious." Immediately, the students felt comfortable enough to start dancing. Some laid down to just enjoy and soak in the Lord. The people from the House were praying and prophesying over us. I would say we were there for maybe 20-25 minutes, and in that time every single one of us was overflowing with joy and excitement over how present the Lord was in all of our lives. The House of Prayer is for the city to encounter God, get prayer, worship, healing...for whatever area it is that one needs a touch from God. And we got that ourselves in just such a short visit. We ended our time at the House of Prayer praying for the city--praying all that we got to encounter, all the love that was in that place, would fall upon the city.

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