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The Lord Led Me to SBHOP to Pray

The Lord led me to SBHOP today to pray for local pastors! I first ran into Pastor Drew from Highridge Church then saw Britt Merrick literally 2 minutes later. I figured God was trying to tell me something and felt really encouraged/blessed by such amazing men of the Lord in Santa Barbara.

Then while driving down state street, I saw my friend Abby and a few minutes later I saw Billy at Paseo Nuevo, so had a feeling God wanted me to go to SBHOP.

I then remembered that people pray for local pastors there on Thursdays so I knew that's where He wanted me to go. Also, Shayne, who was already in the prayer set, texted me a few minutes before I arrived which was even more confirmation.

I learned that we were scheduled to pray for Hope Community Church and Pastor Jim Firth, which is where I really met Jesus a few years ago and somewhere I've been praying for a while although not so much lately.

We also prayed for Isla Vista Church and Jason Lomelino, which is where I call home and someone I am so grateful for as my pastor.

I am praising God today for leading me so clearly and being so intentional, also for reminding me of His love for His body and bride and a reminder to continue praying for these congregations as well!


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